Foundations of Meditation Practice

In the book, There Are Only 7 Ways to Meditate, before I go into precise detail about each of the seven mind-technologies of meditation, PART ONE gives you the foundations.

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You can also see the GLOSSARY from the book by opening THIS PAGE (right here on this website).

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About the Author

Colin (Q.C. Ellis) has been on meditation retreats in silence and solitude for longer than some monks. He has been studying meditation for over 23 years.

Known as a meditation maverick, he teaches methods to awaken your body’s natural restorative abilities and fire up your inbuilt happiness.

Keeping it real and grounded in personal experience, he is a Transformation Coach, Meditation Teacher, and founder of IntrAnaut™ Academy.

In person, Colin is approachable and would love to hear from you. For ways to connect, click HERE –

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More information on his book, There Are Only 7 Ways to Meditate: Make Your Meditation Amazing