7 Ways to Meditate

Make Your Meditation Amazing

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You can use meditation to de-stress and heal – attain a happier, fulfilled life – or awaken your personal evolution.
But what if your practice doesn’t bring you the rewards you expected?

Have you tried meditation but not gained the results you hoped for? This book is packed with nuggets, gems, and insights so you miss out on the frustration.

It is a practical step-by-step guide into meditation – for whatever goals you choose.

  • Exactly what meditation is, and is not.
  • How to do it properly, for best results.
  • The 7 mind-technologies used in the 100,000s of meditations.
  • Exactly how each of the 7 works, and how best to use it (plus an example meditation).
  • The mistakes people make that stop them progressing – and the solutions.
It reveals a new framework for understanding meditation, based on ancient wisdom.

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Awarded a GOLD STAR from The International Review of Books

More than a how-to meditate book, a realistic guide to what we can expect as we begin utilizing the seven different ways to meditate.

An enjoyable and thoroughly comprehensive book for the beginner of meditation. What to expect and focus on, and specific pitfalls to avoid as well as dispelling some of the more common myths. There are seven mind-technologies, or ways, to meditate and it’s both fascinating and enlightening to learn how to appropriately utilize them.

I myself have always thought that meditation would never in a million years work for me. I’m a Type A personality and generally my mind is in a perpetual state of overdrive. But now I’ve learned that I can learn to meditate properly despite these characteristics. There is no need for me to put up roadblocks as this book shows me how I CAN and WILL meditate successfully!

~ The International Review of Books
A Gold Star is their highest accolade

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What is the new framework about?

The framework uses different phrases to what you find in every other book on meditation because the author wants to be clear about what is meant by the terms he is using.

The seven spheres of meditation are:

Restful Absorption (RA)
Intentional Awareness (IA)
Engrossed Attention (EA)
Authentic Attitudes (AA)
Visualisation or Imagination (VI)
Question or Introspect (QI)
Mantra or Invocation (MI)

circles to represent the 7 spheres of meditation

This precision is so you can:

  • Find what suits your preferences.
  • Diagnose problems with your meditation and find solutions easily.

There is no mention of spirituality, but there are suggestions about awakening to your true potential, for those who want a firm foundation for their personal evolution. Meditation opens that door/path. The steps to awakening are not within this book.

Using all 7 spheres of meditation will also make your meditation amazing.

Use the flipbook below to read more about the seven forms (mind-technologies) of meditation used by every one of the 100,000s of meditations out there.

Book image, with quote from a glowing editorial review from the Online Book Club
4/4 stars from a professional Editorial Reviewer at Online Book Club

Dynamic tools, techniques, and practices.

A guide to help you create lasting change in your meditation practice.
Ultimately, to transform the quality of your life.

~ Norma Foster, International Growth Consultant and Therapeutic Coach

Additional resources?

Yes! A new, FREE mobile app was launched in 2022 to provide you with the help you need to advance in your meditation practice. The author is a major contributor. You can access exclusive materialsincluding audios of the meditations from the book (& lots more) – by using a CODE he gives you in the book.

Download the FREE app, IntrAnaut Meditation

Read the whole of PART ONE via this flipbook

PART ONE sets the groundwork – what meditation is, and is not; why overcoming the urban myths about meditation is important if you want to progress; an introduction to the 7 ways to meditate, and much more.

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More Reviews


Finally a book that helps people like me who “get” meditation
but just not “get it right”.

~ Marianne M. – Reviewer on NetGalley

Great read.

A great book for those new to meditating
or those like me who try and still don’t feel they’re doing it properly.
Well written.

~ Debs F. – Reviewer on NetGalley

Pretty concise, useful, and to the point,
exactly the handbook on meditation I was desperately looking for
and almost gave up on ever finding.

~ Alya G. – Reviewer on NetGalley

Very helpful book, I struggle with rheumatoid arthritis and mental health and unable relax and sleep.
Tried this book and each of the steps and found an improvement.

~ Karen B. – Reviewer on NetGalley

An easy to ready, informative book.

The book cleared up a few things for me on how to meditate with more ease than I’d previously been doing. The book comes with a handy app where you listen to Colin’s meditations. Highly recommended!

~ M. H. – Reviewer on Amazon

Who is the author?

Colin (Q.C. Ellis) has been on meditation retreats in silence and solitude for longer than some monks. He has been studying meditation for over 23 years.

Known as a meditation maverick, he teaches methods to awaken your body’s natural restorative abilities and fire up your inbuilt happiness.

Keeping it real and grounded in personal experience, he is a Transformation Coach and Lead Trainer at Meditation Teacher College.

In person, Colin is approachable and would love to hear from you. For his full bio, and ways to connect, click HERE –

For additional resources, download his FREE mobile app – IntrAnaut Meditation

Discover your inner power

Ellis lucidly relates his own experiences of meditation,
and the system he developed based on those experiences, in this new meditation guide,
which is suitable for beginners and more seasoned meditators alike.
Follow him through his own inner journey and discover the bliss and pitfalls of meditation on the way, while learning to navigate the inner world with ease.
Become an IntrAnaut!

~ Review by an ex-Buddhist Monk

The perfect book for meditation beginners.

I was pleasantly surprised by the level of detail, openness and teachings from this book.
It is great for beginners as I have always been aware of meditation and mindfulness but have never fully committed to deepening my practice. I am grateful to have learnt more about Colin’s personal story and I admire him more because of it!

This book is easy to read as it’s broken up into lots of smaller segments yet it has more detail than any other book on picking up meditation. Colin goes through a few meditation practices that I feel will really add to my daily life, such as the inner smile and de-stress meditations. Lastly it has inspired me to continue my practice through the use of helpful habits Colin outlines.

I feel inspired to read more books about meditation and mindfulness.

~ F. K. P. – Reviewer on Amazon

One of the best meditation books out there!

Well worth a read. This book on meditation is very comprehensive and easy to read. It is very insightful and inspiring to both the beginner and more advanced meditator. I would highly recommend!

~ Julie R. – Reviewer on Amazon

A lovely book on meditation techniques.

It would be an asset for those new to meditation, or long-term veterans.

~ Educator – Reviewer on NetGalley

I found this book really helpful as I am new to, and struggle with, meditating.
Well written and helpful 🙂

~ Hayley S. – Reviewer on NetGalley

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