Colin, with his paperback and mobile app

Colin was the short, shy, nerdy kid at school who desperately needed to boost his confidence, self-esteem, and intelligence.

45 years later, he guides with clarity and precision from an obvious deep understanding of the mechanics and principles of meditation.

Are you looking to mindfulness to alleviate stress and anxiety?
Talk to Colin about becoming unstuck – he has inside knowledge.

He teaches methods to awaken your body’s natural restorative abilities and fire up your inbuilt happiness.

Colin guides people on their journey of personal evolution (humanitarian or spiritual) and says, “Retreats produce quantum-leaps in transformation“.

He is known as a meditation maverick because he is an independent thinker who relies more on personal experience than authoritative diktats. Not that he refuses to be guided. On the contrary!

Colin has been on many long retreats in solitary and silence. However, his second long retreat was cut short because of an energy imbalance. The energy imbalance made it so he couldn’t meditate. Colin spent a decade recovering from panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. He had to rebuild his practice.

Another decade went by, while he taught meditation from his experiences – both from the guidance he received from Buddhists, plus the consequences of his many errors.

Colin was astonished to get requests to teach experienced meditators how to teach meditation. It then became imperative to dig deep into the core fundamentals of meditation. What it is and is not.

Colin meditating in France

He finally uncovered the framework three years later, on a 3-month retreat, with the advice of a Lama, the blessings of a Rinpoche, and his previous insights into satori enlightenment.

It took another two years to articulate the paperback, There Are Only 7 Ways to Meditate. The follow-on book, 7 Secret Codes of Meditation, is due to be published this year.

Colin by the riverin Northumberland near his home

In person, Colin is more like a cheeky monk than a hyper-confident, motivational speaker.

He’d love to hear from you. For ways to connect, click HERE – where you can see a more extensive Bio about all his projects.

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Keeping it real and grounded in personal experience, he is a Transformation Coach, Meditation Teacher, and founder of IntrAnaut™ Academy.