Become an IntrAnaut™

You are invited to take your meditation out of inertia or dullness to new highs. Just as an astronaut trains so as to explore outer space, an intrAnaut aspires to explore the immense vastness of their mind.

Extract from the book

You may know astronauts are passionate about exploring outer space. An intrAnaut is inspired to explore their inner space: the vastness of their mind. An intrAnaut is a meditator who has taken their practice to the next level.

On his blog post, intranaut two-step, the author George Breed explains why an intranaut wants to journey into their inner space:

1. The inner infinity is as vast as the outer infinity. Our inner world is as vast as the outer world.
2. The inner infinity and the outer infinity are one infinity. Our inner world and the outer world are one world.

We are the gateway between two infinities. It is only when the gate is closed that we have a problem. 

George Breed –

The onslaught of the outer world overruns most people. They feel they have no choice but to put 100 per cent of their focus on that side of their existence. The side we call reality.

People do not realise that visiting their inner space will have a powerful effect on how they handle their daily life. Nor do they know meditation can give you a higher vantage point than that experienced by astronauts.

To become a fully qualified intrAnaut, you use all seven ways to meditate.

As an example of how you can use the seven spheres to become an intrAnaut. Get ready to:

  1. Build your (inner) space capsule Restful Absorption (RA).
  2. Explore deep (inner) space – Engrossed Attention (EA).
  3. Make contact with wondrous realms you didn’t know existed – Intentional Awareness (IA).
  4. Discover your (inner) worlds of authentic emotions – Authentic Attitudes (AA)
  5. Go beyond your wildest fantasies – Visualisation or Imagination (VI)
  6. Intuitively find the answers to your questions – Question or Introspect (QI)
  7. Call upon your highest truths – Mantra or Invocation (MI)

The terms in italics are explained within the book, “There Are Only 7 Ways to Meditate“, with a chapter for each. By the time you reach the end of the book, you will be able to look back and know how those seven ways to meditate can create an IntrAnaut.

Join us on the journey – via the app. For book owners, the examples of each sphere of meditation presented in the book, are available within the app to listen to (use the code inside the book to access them).

intrAnaut Meditation app

About the Author

Colin (Q.C. Ellis) has been on meditation retreats in silence and solitude for longer than some monks. He has been studying meditation for over 23 years.

Known as a meditation maverick, he teaches methods to awaken your body’s natural restorative abilities and fire up your inbuilt happiness.

Keeping it real and grounded in personal experience, he is a Transformation Coach, Meditation Teacher, and founder of IntrAnaut™ Academy.

In person, Colin is approachable and would love to hear from you. For ways to connect, click HERE –

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